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Merlin Video Productions offer a full service for corporate DVD production, from conception and story-boarding, through shooting, to post-production, final edit and print.  All material is professionally shot and edited in-house in the digital domain, thus ensuring the highest possible quality in the finished product.

To see some examples of our Corporate film production, please click here.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Info



Corporate video production using TV professionals to promote or introduce your business, demonstrate your products in action, train your staff, or inform your customers.  Our approach can be documentary or show biz.  A corporate video does not need to be dull!

Satellite television brings TV advertising within the reach of small and specialist companies.  Merlin Video Productions can produce your TV ad at a price to match.

Website Video can really do something for your marketing!  You are no longer limited to still photographs or illustrations on your company website, nor the need to distribute video films on physical media (e.g. DVD).  You can host video commercials, video catalogues, product demonstrations, video training guides and video instruction manuals, all on your website for customers and potential customers to view whenever they want.  How better to get your message across?  How cost effective to "broadcast" your own infomercials 24 hours a day?

Video CD business cards can be produced with a short corporate video introducing or promoting your company, which can say so much more that any number of printed words.

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