Low-Cost Single or Multi-Cam Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Demonstrating and Training


Do you have processes or products that are not easy to explain fully in a document?

A training DVD could be the answer, showing your staff exactly how a process should be handled, or giving your customers a clear guide on how to use your product.

Processes that sound very difficult when explained can become oh-so-easy when an expert is demonstrating how it is done.  And a training video is the perfect way of supplying everybody who needs it with their own expert who can explain the job, show them what he is doing, and they run over it again and again until they are happy that they have taken it in. 

Promotion and Advertising

Promotional videos are perfect for, well, promoting your company, product, or service.  Think of them as TV promotions or documentaries which can run for as long as you like, and which are not broadcast by a TV station, but are sent out by you as high-quality video or DVD to interested parties, or hosted on your company website.

Or of course, in this multi-channel age, you might wish to consider a TV commercial on stations that are appropriate for spreading the news about your product or service.  This was the province of big companies only, until recently, but the proliferation of channels makes it accessible to all.

Education and Entertainment

Nothing, but nothing, compares with an interesting and well scripted video film for explaining and teaching how things work.  Whether the subject matter is vocational or non-vocational, people enjoy watching a good film about a subject they are interested in, or need to learn about.  As an adjunct, alternative or companion to a book about a subject, the film cannot be beaten!

Spread the Word, Show it Off!

Stills photographs are said to be worth a thousand word.  A thousand words take too long to read.  A film is worth a million words, and a million words are impossible to read.  Video is the perfect medium to show your product alive and moving.  Move in for close detail, show how it works, what it does, how to use it, how to maintain it.  Nothing compares with a video film for bringing the subject to life!

Low-Budget TV Commercial

It may well be that your product of service is perfect for advertising on regional television.  These days some extremely cost-effective (i.e. inexpensive) packages are available from specialised TV stations.  But production costs for a slick commercial have always been prohibitive for smaller businesses.

Not any more!  Merlin Video Productions are here to provide you with a highly professional, yet surprisingly low-budget production.

Bring your Website Alive!

Your company website is the perfect home for your video films.  Broadcast your message 24 hours a day seven days a week free of charge.  Visitors to your website no longer need to be stuck with still pictures and lengthy descriptions.  They can watch your films.  They can see the subject alive, in it, around it, moving, close up, wide shot, doing what it does.  They can see how to use, it, how to look after it, what to do if they have a problem.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many would make a film?

You can broadcast around the planet from your website 24/7 at no cost.  Let the world tune in!

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